Why God Wants Sex to Stay in the Marriage Bed


Data from the National Institute of Health published in 2007 found that by age 20, 77% of the respondents had had sex, 74% had premarital sex, and 12% had married. The study concluded that “almost all Americans have sex before marrying.”

 Having sex before marriage is certainly legal in this country, but is it right? And is it healthy in the long run? I personally believe that according to the precedents in Scripture God wants sex to remain in the context of marriage.  Here’s why:


1.     Sex in the context of marriage protects our hearts from heartbreak.   God never intended for sex to take place in the context of a frivolous or temporary relationship. Marriage is a binding commitment and legal contract that brings two people and all of their possessions together for the rest of their lives. God doesn’t want us to become involved on so intimate a level with someone who is only in our lives for a brief season. He wants us to partake of the sacred ritual of sex within a relationship that is binding, where we can be free to be vulnerable to another spiritually, emotionally, and physically. If the commitment and responsibilities of marriage are absent the end of the relationship much more devastating, the pain more traumatic, because we have committed our bodies and hearts to a person who only thought they loved us and later changed their mind.

2.     Children need to be born within a stable, permanent family structure. When children are the by-products of casual sex or temporary commitments, the homes are much more likely to be unstable, and the children are more likely to be exposed to adverse childhood experiences, such as emotional or physical abuse and neglect by one or both parents. God did not intend that children who did not ask to be born are brought into an environment that is toxic and suffer the consequences of the poor choices their parents made. He wants children born into homes that are loving and where they will be able to see His love exemplified every day. 

3.     Sex is to be the culmination of a spiritual and emotional bond that has already been nurtured and blessed by God. By the time we get married and come together physically for the first time, we should be matched to our partner in every way. Our faith, values, life goals, and devotion to one another should be in sync. Only then can sex truly symbolize the oneness that God wants us to experience with the person He created for us. And that oneness is meant to last the rest of our lives. 

That's how God intended it. Satan has gotten most of God's people to believe the lie that it's okay to do something as long as it feels good. Let's get back to God's original design as shown in Genesis. 

Love you all!