Marry Your Best Friend-I Did

When I married my husband, I knew I was marrying someone who had seen every facet of my character and personality, and loved all of me. I was marrying someone with whom I felt comfortable being myself. We also both felt like being in the relationship had caused us to step it up in every aspect of our lives. When we started dating, we started eating healthier, exercising, and taking our faith more seriously. So we were able to encourage each other in each of these areas and hold each other accountable. So when we got married, we became partners in every sense of the word. We became partners for life.

I’ve seen people get into relationships simply because they like the idea of being married, but are not truly in love with the person they’re with. I’ve seen people get into relationships without an established sense of who they are. Slowly but surely, their individuality disappears, and they become a mere reflection of the person they are with at the time.

Yes, a good partner will challenge you to be better, but you will simply become a better you. Your individuality should still remain intact, with all its quirks and values. You should be equals and each bring something to the table in the relationship.

Are you with someone that you truly love and that will make a life partner? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  •  Does this person elevate me?
  • Do I respect this person?
  • Am I free to be myself with this person?
  • Do I feel unconditional acceptance from this person
  •  Do we share the same core values?
  • Do we laugh together?
  • Do even the simplest moments in the day become an adventure when we’re together?

If you find yourself answering anything but Yaasss! to any of these questions, you may be settling for less than you deserve. Vet your decision. Ask the people around you to give you feedback on your relationship.

Marriage is one of the most defining decisions in our lives. It can prove to be our greatest blessing, or our greatest curse. It has the power to make life’s moments even sweeter, or become a burden that slowly extinguishes our zest for living. So, consider your choice of a life partner very carefully and make sure it’s someone who embraces and respects every aspect of who you are.  In other words, the person you marry should be your friend. 

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