Don't Let Your Body Insecurities Ruin Your Wedding Night


I used to be super insecure about my body; I honestly felt like me unveiling myself for the first time on my wedding night would be a disappointment to whoever I married.

For me, it seemed like my breasts just weren’t perky like other girls. Oh, and then there was the fact that my scoliosis made my back look lopsided. I would stand in the mirror before taking a shower, examining everything about msyelf, trying to to see myself the way my future husband would see me. I just kind of hoped we would do it in the dark so he wouldn’t have to ever see all of me at once.

Then my wedding night came, and I realized I had been stressing myself out about NOTHING.

The truth is, everyone feels insecure about their looks in some way. I’m sure even the most beautiful people like Beyonce or Michael B. Jordan wish they could change at least ONE thing about themselves.

But when you love someone, that stuff doesn’t matter.

It’s not that your spouse won’t notice your flaws. A woman’s saggy boobs, or a guy’s bushy chest hair can’t stay hidden forever. But when you truly love someone, you love them and feel attracted to them DESPITE the stuff that’s wrong with them. True love sees with wide-open eyes, and decides that the treasure of your heart is worth more than whatever flaws you might have.

The key is to trust in your future spouse’s love for you.

Of course, you want to look your best for the person you love the most, especially for your first time together.  I’m down for going all out to pluck, tweeze, shave, and accentuate all your best features. But just know that you won’t always be able to look, smell, or feel your best, and that’s okay. The sex can STILL be passionate and awesome.

Be confident. In the beauty of your soul as a person. In the love of your spouse.

Be bold. You might have feelings of insecurity or shyness, but don’t let them control you. Strut your stuff!

Be free.  God wants you to enjoy making love, and being made love to. There’s no room for shame. Only freedom.

Hope this helps!