3 Ways to Love Your Spouse

1. Love them the way they want to be loved: Many times we tend to show our spouses love the way we prefer to receive love, I know I do. Feed me, cloth me and keep my house clean and thats the way you can show me your love for me. Unfortunately for me, my wife doesn't like to receive love in that way. Later on I began to realize when I was showing her love in the way I wanted to be loved and not in the way she wanted to be loved I was being selfish. I would clean, cook and keep the house in order (the way I like to be shown love) thinking I was showing my wife my love for her. Well I was completely off. Dont get me wrong, she definitely appreciates those things but she wants nice things to be said to her, romantic dinners and exclusive 1 on 1 time. Your spouse loves to be touched, spoken to, taken care of in a unique way, for they are unique and special in their own way. Therefore, if you really want to express love for your spouse, love them the way they want to be loved

2. Love them with a fierce intentionality: Gifts, words of appreciation and affirmation are almost a given during special occasions (Anniversaries, birthdays, valentines day). However, why limit showing and expressing your love during those times? Use every single day and every single moment you have with your spouse to display a fierce, passionate love that overtakes the atmosphere of your home. To accomplish this ask yourself this one question, “did I do my job in showing my spouse I love him/her in the way he/she wants me to express it?”

3. Love them for who they are: There is no greater feeling than to know that the one you admire and cherish loves you in-spite of your flaws and shortcomings. This enables trust, vulnerability, romance and etc. Accepting the whole of your spouse (the good, bad and ugly) proves your devotion to not only your spouse but the relationship altogether.